Eastern Shore Islands Heritage Research Project

The Eastern Shore Islands Heritage Research Project is a community-led initiative to research and document the rich cultural history of Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, focusing on the remarkable islands and coastal communities from Jeddore Rock (off Jeddore Harbour) east to Wedge Island (at the mouth of the St Marys River). The area is located in the Mi’kmaw territories of Sipekne’katik and Eskikewa’kik. As the project develops, we will be sharing materials on this website.

Melburne and Uriah Boutilier cleaning cod fish on their wharf at Mushaboom, c1915.

Did you or your relatives grow up, work, or vacation in the area, or do you live here now? We would love to hear your stories! Please email easternshore@thearchive.ca. We can travel to meet with you, or we can chat by email or phone.

Some of the points of interest we’re looking for include:

* Local names of the islands, headlands, beaches, coves, shoals, etc. Many of the more than 700 islands and countless other features are not officially named. Can you help us by supplying local names?

* Stories about your ancestors’ experiences and your own experiences growing up in the area

* Insights on who used the islands in the past and in what ways

* History of local industries, such as the coastal fisheries, forestry, lobster or clam canneries, farming, boatbuilding and berry picking, etc.

* Any legends, tales, or folklore; stories about shipwrecks, etc.

Lighthouse on Liscomb Island

* Any photos or documents you would like to share. We can scan them and return the originals to you. Any photos of life on the Eastern Shore before 1950 are very welcome and (with your permission) would be added to the Community Photograph Database of the Eastern Shore Archives. For images of the islands specifically, we would welcome photos taken up to the present day.

The Eastern Shore Islands Heritage Research Project is led by historian Dr. Sara Spike and the Research Committee of the Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society. This research is an important component of the community-led Wild Islands Tourism Advancement Partnership.

Get in touch! Email easternshore@thearchive.ca